About Us

Welcome to Xvara Studio

Xvara studio help companies, people, and organizations to present their ideas, services, and products effectively and win their customer attention.

Who Are We

We are technical and business people who are team up to help businesses and persons in their digital journey. We Start with you, be with you, and always care about you.

Our Mission

Providing high-quality digital advertisement tools for all companies around the globe. Every company deserves the best ride in its digital pathway.  

What We Do

Why Choose Us?

Xvara studio provides the best quality animation on a given price. We go forward in close contact with you and your choice is our first priority.

The best quality guaranteed at your given budget. We don’t allow the low budget sacrifice the quality.

We do not leave you alone after project delivery. We support you to be quite satisfied with our services.

We deliver the projects fast, on time, and at the highest quality possible. The final results always shine with us.

Our animators are among the most experienced and they are creative enough to make your ideas and suggestion stand out.

Meet Our Team

A team of technical and business people come together to create excellent services


Mojtaba Hosseini

Founder and CEO

Edris Safavi

Founder and CPO


Sona Askarien

Marketing (services)

max (2)

Maximilian Makka

Marketing (products)